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Justin and Megan met in the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February of 2020 right before the pandemic. What they thought would be their first date ended up being an unexpected quarantine together that opened the doors to a musical career together that continues 4 years later. 

Justin began playing music publically during college around campfires, became a skilled entertainer in his 20s, and an audio technician in his 30s and beyond. 

Megan began performing in 2020 when Justin unexpectedly called her on stage during a show to sing Jolene and quickly adapted to entertaining alongside Justin.


Now they switch instruments, vocal leads, and harmonies focusing on fresh takes on beloved favorites with guitar and mandolin.  But keep your ear out for some other instruments joining them soon...

Together they have played in intimate settings, in front of thousands of people, and everything in between.


They are known for their ability to connect with any audience and enhance the mood of any setting.  

First time ever playing together in his dad's living room in Arkansas in April of 2020...



Playing the Local Mucisians Showcase at the CBCFTA in Colorado in April of 2023...

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