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After meeting in an airport in Mexico in march 2020, Sunny Downpour took advantage of open time to create breathtaking music together thanks to the fated quarantine. Founded by Justin Leflar and Megan Pintus, Sunny Downpour wows audiences and provides entertainment that curates the perfect energy for any event.

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Megan pintus

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Justin leflar

Megan began her singing career with show tunes in the shower, which was a very successful show. She is a Rocky Mountain native, and her performance debuts in Crested Butte, Colorado were met with enthusiasm. She quickly moved from entertaining at restaurants and bars to singing with Justin at enormous festivals. Her voice is often compared to Norah Jones and it has been said that she taught Shakira how to dance (though she only breaks those moves out for special occasions). Her love affair with the mandolin began one quarantine night in front of the woodstove, and now she can't imagine playing a show without it!

Justin, entertaining and playing music professionally since 2004, specializes in engaging his audiences with songs that get them grinning, singing, and dancing. Justin is an Ozark Mountain native, and loves to play venues all over the United States and Mexico. His eclectic musical taste spans classic rock, folk, country, blues, r&b, funk, hip hop, and bluegrass. Justin has performed songs in multiple languages including Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and more. He performs hundreds of covers and has written more than twenty original songs as well. Justin loves music and sharing songs and experiences with new and old friends alike.


Sunny downpour has experience playing everything from private parties to festivals, from crowds of 1 - 1,000,  from arkansas to mexico. They know how to bring entertainment and story along with their instruments and voices. 

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